About Us

We founded Finiks London, in 2011, out of a family passion for making beautiful clothes for those special moments. We are a mother and daughter duo, Snezhana and Lilia dedicated to working with our clients to turn their dreams into reality.

The name Finiks is associated with the mythical bird Phoenix that according to the ancient legends lives for several hundred years before it dies by bursting into flames and it is then reborn from the ashes, to start a new, long life. 

Snezhana has had a passion for fashion from young age. She graduated from an established fashion and tailoring college in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1988 and promptly started her own company making individual custom garments. She became a member of the National Chamber of Crafts,attending fashion shows with her own collections. In 2008 she moved to London to join the rest of her family. Thanks to her training and over 20 years experience she helps London designers helping them develop their collection sand individual orders.

Lilia,who also studied design and clothing technology, has a natural talent for fashion. As a child she loved spending time at her mum’s studio. Willing to try something new she graduated from Sofia University with a BA in journalism and started work for a fashion magazine. At that time she met her future husband with whom she settled in London, where she worked as a journalist in London for a year,before realizing her joy lay somewhere else. Her interest in design and passion about tailoring having remained strong, she set up the business with her mother.

We specialize in stylish boutique clothing for those special occasions when you wish to look your very best and know your garment is unique to you. We put our hearts in everything we do and seeing our customers happy is a great reward! We offer individually hand crafted garments, finding inspiration for our collections in vintage couture and beautiful fabrics. We like to mix, dye and appliqué different fabrics which involve a lot of hand work.