7 tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress for you

With so many gowns to choose from, you can be incredibly overwhelmed, so it's best to start looking about nine months to a year before your wedding date and here’s how to make things easier:


1. Finding your style - knowing the place, time and theme of your wedding will help you greatly to determine the right style of the dress whether that would be a rich ball gown with little or more embellishment or slender figure hugging open back design. You will know if you should enjoy or rule out long trains and veils and many layers.


2. Set a realistic budget - normally that's about 10% of the whole wedding budget, don't forget that should include your undergarments and accessories. Do your research not just on the web but go out there and try your favourite dresses. 

Make a personal appointment with a professional if you feel that you need to.


3. Don't make decisions based on compromise - like shop sales, persuasive shop staff or because you're trying to please your partner or family. Always listen to your heart!


4. The dress should make you happy right at that moment you look in the mirror! You should be IN LOVE! Don't anticipate that you'll start living it once you've lost weight or you'll get used to something you don't agree with.


5. Experiment with colour - you wouldn't know until you try! You may look better, slimmer, more sophisticated with just the right colour tone. Explore!


6. Less is more - choose your accessories wisely, let them compliment the design and contribute to a finished look without overpowering the dress. Try it all together at your fitting with a touch of make-up and your hair done, if possible.


7. Don’t get upset if you can’t find the right dress - you have your own different style that you should embrace with the help of a good couturier! Get ready to start an amazing journey of creating something very personal and unique! For more help and advice check the article ‘What to do if you can’t find your dream dress?’