Is a bridal sample sale for you?

If you have a tight wedding budget or just can’t imagine spending a fortune on a dress that you wear only once, then a sample sale can be a great option to find that perfect and yet affordable wedding gown.

Many designers do sample sales to sell their existing collections to make room for new designs. Some of those dresses may be mildly worn as they’ve been used for the purpose of trying on or portfolio photographs.

What you should know:

First of all consider sizing, usually it is only one gown in a certain style and size and it may require some alterations to make it work for you.

You need to be able to look at a sample gown and know that it can be cleaned and fixed and you won’t be bothered by some missing beads, tiny holes or flows that will be invisible to the non-bridal eye. Try to keep in mind that this is the reason for getting the dress for significantly less than the original pricing.

A great benefit is that a sample wedding dresses can be taken the same day or quite soon if any minor repairs or alterations are required, so you’re also saving some time. This can be your lucky solution if your wedding is soon and you don’t have enough time to order.