Hi everyone!

As you might be considering having something made  but have no idea of the process and many questions pop in your mind we have decided to answer for you the most common ones, I hope you find it helpful and if there's more don't hesitate to contact us!

I've never had anything made before, what to expect?

Having acustom made garment is a unique experience that allows you to express yourpersonality, be different and ensure the right fit so you look and feelamazing.

We will meetand discuss the design of your garment, your personal preferences and suitablematerials. We will provide you with a quote take your measurements and help youpick the best fabrics for the desired style. 50% deposit is required whenplacing an order. Our service is individual and your garment is hand crafted inour London based studio. The garment is drawn and cut personally for you and toyour measurements, therefore it is not refundable. You will have two or threefittings before it’s complete.

How long does it take?

Depending on the complexity of the design and fabricavailability it would take between 3 and 6 months to complete a dress.

Do I need anappointment?

Yes, we do work by appointment.

How many people can I bring?

As this is special and exciting time most brides would liketo share it with someone close. It’s good to have support but know that whenthere are too many opinions it’s harder to make your decision.

Do I need to bring something to my appointment?

A pair of heels and nude strapless bra will be very helpfulif you are trying on a dress. Please, wear little or no make-up to avoidstaining!

What is your price range?

Our custom design dresses vary in price so we are happy tooffer you free 30min consultation in order to work out a quote for you. Don’thesitate to let us know what your budget is, this way we will know what tooffer you.

Are changes and alterations included in the price?

Any adjustments required for the dress to fit you perfectlyare included. Changes of the design and major alterations required due toweight loss/gain are paid separately.

What if my weight changes?

We understand that every future bride wants to look her beston her special day so If you are planning a diet or expecting weight changes dolet us know! We might want to start with a toile of the dress first or we willplan re-measuring and allow extra time for fittings closer to your wedding day.

Do you have dresses I can try on?

We do have a collection of samples, unfortunately they arenot available in all sizes. As we don’t do production and all our dresses arehand made we only have one of each as an example of our work.

Do you only make bridal gowns?

No, we also make bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of thebride/groom and other occasion garments.