For The Wedding Of: Countess Giada Dobrzensky de Dobrzenicz & Prince Marcantonio del Drago - Part 2

... Continued From Part1

So after a few weeks of healing, acupuncture, osteopathy and focused meditation in London... I flew to Prague under some special assistance in a wheelchair with my wedding dress and suitcase etc...wearing sunglasses, because I found it kind of embarrassing to have to travel that way.

Once in Prague, I had some very busy days to do all the necessary civil side of getting married and last minute logistical things including attempting to do my ideal seating plan since I was unable to oversee that post accident. I had been warned it was a really important and stressful part of the planning and in my opinion, a well curated seating plan can make the difference between a good event and an amazing event. Great introductions have the potential to change lives and to affect destiny. Once I got out to Prague I did my best to trust all was well and just go with the flow in order to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience that my family, my fiancé and I had been working towards for months.¬
Well….we did it and the entire wedding was of course beautiful, magical and emotional.
It felt like I was teleported into another dimension wearing the perfect dress, in the perfect locations, marrying the perfect man for me and feeling really alive and happy after weeks of trauma, shock and pain.

Thank you Lily, Snezhana and Finiks. I feel really lucky that I chose you to make my wedding dress which was beautiful and fit me perfectly.

I do hope that I will get to work with you again Finiks, in the not too distant future. Perhaps even on customising and transforming this wedding dress into a fabulous ball dress creation- it seems sad to wear it only once.

(photos: Giada D./George Hlobil/Aline Dobrzensky/Finiks/Martine Charalambou)