Do you want to create your own wedding dress?

We've noticed lately that more and more brides are eager to create their own wedding dress. After trying a number of dresses at different shops and wedding shows, they often feel unsatisfied and take the step to creating their dream dress themselves. 

For those of you already feeling in the same boat, we will be very happy to offer our bespoke service and start this journey together!

What are the steps we take together?

First we meet for an initial consultation in the studio to discuss the place and theme of your wedding, the concept of the dress, your personal preferences and what fabrics and materials will be suitable. We make a sketch and provide you with a quote. Then if you are happy, we proceed by taking your measurements, finalizing all the details and arrangements, and booking for your individual fittings. This process can take from 3 to 6 months from our first to last meeting.

What to expect on your fittings?

On your first fitting, you will see your dress for the first time! At this stage the dress will be incomplete and designed for us to check how it fits you. We can then make any adjustments that are required. On your second fitting, the wedding dress will be almost complete and you will be able to get a much better impression of the way it would look. At this stage, you can try your dress on with accessories like shoes, jewellery and a veil. You are welcome to share the moment with your closest people and take pictures if you wish. The third fitting is for a final check and collection! 

How much does it cost?

The price of a bespoke wedding dress depends on its design, the type and amount of fabric used, the embellishments, the hand-sewing, if any. Additional charge may apply for any extra work due to changes of the design or the size of the dress. 

Note that if you are feeling unsure or expecting to change the design at a later stage, or also lose a lot of weight, then we can offer you a convenient variant: having a calico/toil dress first. This is made from a much cheaper fabric and represents a version of the dress to work on, one that would not take as long to correct, but will still help you get the impression of how the dress will suit you! After we are completely satisfied with the design and the style, we can then cut your dress from the original materials in mind. This opportunity will be discussed with you at our initial consultation as well as the cost of this bespoke service.

We work with lots of care and attention for a positive customer experience and we are very happy to be part of your special day!

If we have missed something and you still have questions, feel free to contact us!